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Exclusive Jacuzzi & Spa Repairs

Jacuzzi Pumps, Motors & Complete Pump Systems

We have a wide variety of Jacuzzi, spa-bath and hot tub pumps on offer at affordable prices.

Some of the brands we offer include, Quality Pumps, Speck Pumps & Motors as well as Pentair and many other popular well known names in the pool and spa industry.

There are various sizes of jet and circulation pumps available ranging from 0.45kW all the way through up to the massive 2.20kW heavy duty, high flow rate units.

All of our pool, spa-bath and Jacuzzi Pumps are backed by a 2 year guarantee.

There are mainly two types of pumps used on Jacuzzis and jetted baths.

The first type are known as self priming pumps. These are flitted with a filter basket and look similar to ordinary pool pumps.

These are in particular used on Jacuzzis and spas which are built into the ground and have their pump / filtration systems standing next to or some distance away from the tub.

They are capable of creating enough suction pressure to prime the motor from some distance away and get the system circulating without gravity having to constantly feed water into the pump from a higher level.

Self Draining Hot Tub & Spa Bath Pumps

The second type are called self draining pumps.

These are small compact pumps which are mainly seen on jetted spa baths and also on Jacuzzis which are installed into free standing wooden or fibreglass surrounds where space limitations are a factor.

One of the main characteristics of self draining pumps is that they need to be located below the water level of the Jacuzzi or spa bath in order for gravity to constantly be able to feed water into the pump. If the pump is located on too high a level it won’t be able to prime and function correctly.

These types of pumps come without any kind of filter basket fitted which makes them compact enough to fit into small spaces like underneath a bath for instance.

Complete Hot Tub, Spa & Jacuzzi Pump-Systems (Combi-Units)

We manufacture complete custom built pump-systems for all brands of spas and Jacuzzis.

A standard hot tub pump system comprises of the following major components.

At the the heart of the system we start with the main jet pump and motor.

This circulates the water through the filtration and heating system of the spa and also provides the power for the large water jets found in the seats of your tub.

The motors for these vary in size ranging from 0.45kW through to 1.5kW and are selected depending on the specific application and environment they need to function in.

Self Priming Jacuzzi Pumps

Next up is the micro air jet blower. This component is responsible for generating the tiny air bubbles that are pumped through the micro jets in the seats of your spa. We use a modern, powerful 2-stage 1000-Watt blower which can be run for long sessions without the need to be switched off for resting periods as is the case with standard blowers.

The combi unit comes with a hard water heating system fitted in a PVC Class-12 heater housing ranging between 2kW and 4kW depending on requirements. The heating system is controlled by an analogue thermostat with temperature settings between 0 and 50 degrees Celsius.

A complete 25-Sq Ft Jacuzzi filter system with a high quality cartridge is installed on all our Jacuzzi & Spa pump systems.

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