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Exclusive Jacuzzi & Spa Repairs

Spa / Jacuzzi Covers

Premium Quality Covers Custom Made For Any Size Spa, Jacuzzi Or Hot Tub.

Indoor & Outdoor Jacuzzi Covers Available In Wide Variety Of Colours

Jacuzzi Covers Spa Covers

A good quality cover forms an important part of any well maintained Jacuzzi, hot tub or spa.

A decent spa cover will not only protect your expensive Jacuzzi from dust, leaves and scratches, but will also drastically reduce heat and water loss through evaporation.

Jacuzzi covers also help to make a substantial reduction in the monthly chemical and electrical costs required to heat and sanitize your hot tub.

We manufacture an exclusive range of Jacuzzi and spa covers custom made from only the finest quality raw materials and modern design techniques.

We produce spa covers for all the different types, models and shapes of Jacuzzis found in South Africa today. Our hot tub covers are distributed to customers not only in the Gauteng area but right throughout South Africa.

Hot Tub Covers Premium Quality Spa Covers

Our Spa & Jacuzzi covers have many smart features that puts us way ahead of the competition.

Some of the core design features include:

Extra Strong, Ultra High Density Polystyrene Inner Cores.

Dual-Gauge, Heavy Duty Steel C-Channel Reinforcement Beams.

250-Micron SABS Approved Vapour Guard Seal Around Polystyrene Cores.

Industrial Strength Netting To Protect The Cover & Surface Of Hot Tub.

Recesses Cut Into Cover To Neatly Fit Over Rubber Air Bellow Buttons.

High Quality, Waterproof Polyester Stitching Used Throughout.

Spa Covers Are Double Stitched With Reinforced Handles.

Set Of x2 Or x4 Safety Clips & Straps Can Be Fitted As Optional Extra.

Covers Are Sloped From 100-mm To 60-mm To Ensure Sufficient Rainwater Runoff.

Marine Grade Vinyl Material Finished For Indoor & Protected Hot Tub Covers.

Premium Grade, Double Coat 550-gm PVC Material Finished For Outdoor Covers Exposed To Harsh Sun, Wind & Rain.

Backed By Our 2-Year Quality Guarantee.

Top Quality Jacuzzi Covers For Sale At Factory Direct Prices.

Free On-Site Measure-up & Quotation For All Customers Located Anywhere In Gauteng.

Deliveries Done Nationwide.

Outdoor Jacuzzi Cover Colours Indoor Jacuzzi Cover Colours

Premium PVC Covers For Outdoor Jacuzzis & Spas

Marine Quality Vinyl For Indoor Jacuzzis & Spas

Exclusive Jacuzzi Spa covers Premium Grade Jacuzzi Covers

Hot Tub Cover Material & Colour Options

Our Premium Grade PVC range of material colours is specifically made for hot tub covers which will be located outdoors.

This material is waterproof, as well as UV and fade resistant.

It is particularly suited to spas which are exposed to a lot of sunlight and rain.

We use only the highest quality premium grade grade PVC materials which are double coated for extra strength, durability and a long life span.

The Marine Grade Vinyl range of materials is well suited to Jacuzzi covers which are located indoors, in a protected area of under a fair amount of shade.

Marine vinyl is much stronger and of a far superior quality compared to ordinary imitation leatherette finished commonly used by other manufactures.

This material is also reinforced with UV stabilisers and has a beautiful aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Solar Blankets For Jacuzzis & Spas

Jacuzzi Solar Blanket Jacuzzi Bubble Blanket

We supply 450-Micron and our heavy duty 500-Micron solar bubble blankets for all sizes of Jacuzzis, Spas and swimming pools.

A Solar blanket will help to keep in the heat which gets built up in your Jacuzzi and will also provide further protection to your spa’s hard cover.

We do on-site measure-ups, fitment & installations of our solar blankets.

Available in dark blue and also in black on special request.

Can be made up to any size and shape.

Available to customers countrywide.

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