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Spa & Jacuzzi Energy Efficient Heat Pumps

Jacuzzi Heat Pump Spa, Hot Tub & Jacuzzi Heat Pumps

With the ever increasing cost of electricity in South Africa more Jacuzzi & spa owners are looking for cheaper alternatives to heat their power hungry tubs.

One of the easiest ways to reduce the heavy electrical consumption of your spa is to switch over to an energy efficient Jacuzzi heat pump.

Reduce Your Jacuzzi’s Heating Cost By Up To 70%

Most Jacuzzis and spas commonly use a conventional hard water heating element that draws around 4kW of input power to produce an equivalent heating output energy of 4kW.

Our Hot Tub heat pumps are highly energy efficient and have a heating output potential of around 4kW for 1kW of input power.

This makes it possible to heat up your Jacuzzi using only about 25% of the electricity a normal heating element would consume.